We specify and develop computer software for analysis and design applications in mechanical and electrical engineering industries.

ADE was formed in 1978 as part of what became known as the "Cambridge Phenomenon". ADE is one of the longest established companies in the computer aided engineering (CAE) and computer aided design (CAD) fields. For 30 years ADE comprised three chartered engineers; David, Peter and Roger then, following David's retirement, we were joined by Ken.

We have real practical experience in design and production engineering. This enables us to rapidly gain an understanding of a customer's engineering procedures and to specify and implement appropriate software solutions. We have a long, proven track record of developing CAE and CAD software within time and cost budgets.

Most of our software produces graphical output, ranging from simple schematic drawings to fully detailed engineering drawings and realistic 3D visualisations. In recent years we have mostly been developing software to run on Microsoft Windows PCs. Where possible we interface our software with systems such as Visio and Excel to avoid reinventing the wheel and to provide more flexible solutions. We have also developed 3D modellers and draughting systems specifically tailored to particular applications where this was necessary for reasons of performance or cost. One example of our work is the signal to connector contact assignment program that we are currently developing.

ADE Ltd. is located in the United Kingdom. More than 2,500 engineers in over 40 countries around the world use our software to help with analysis, design, product selection, draughting, 3D visualisation, parts listing, cost estimating, tooling design, etc.

Electrical harness design software

CAD software to help electrical wiring harness design is now our main focus.

Our software helps component selection, parts listing, labour estimating, cable design, drawing production, 3D visualisation, wire routing, lay-up board design, signal to connector contact assignment, material selection and many other functions.

The above screen shots are from the HarnWare and HarnVis systems we design and develop for Tyco Electronics.