Ken Wallington

I trained as a mechanical engineer with Gillette Industries before joining Raychem (now TE Connectivity/Tyco Electronics) in 1976. I started with Raychem as a mould designer, moved into product design and became manager of the electrical wiring harness design group.

I was responsible for introducing CAD for wiring harness design into Raychem design offices in the UK, France, Germany and USA starting in the mid-1980’s.

Working with ADE I managed the development of the HarnWare, HarnVis and HarnConnect wiring harness design systems and their deployment within Tyco Electronics and over 500 companies in 42 countries around the world.

I joined ADE in 2008 to continue working with HarnWare, HarnVis and HarnConnect helping to promote these systems and to train and support engineers in their use.

Although Ken has now retired from ADE, we keep in close contact.