We have worked on a wide range of CAE applications for mechanical and electrical engineering companies. Listed below are a few examples that illustrate the scope of our skills and expertise.

Electrical Wiring

We have designed and developed software to help many aspects of wiring harness design and production. Most notable is the HarnWare, HarnVis and HarnConnect software which we are continuing to develop and support for TE Connectivity or Tyco Electronics (formerly Raychem).

Also we are currently developing an electrical signal to connector contact assignment program.

Our earlier work in this area included software for Lucas Rists (now Leoni Wiring Systems) and many CAE programs to help analyse and design cables for BICC Supertension Cables (now Pirelli Cables Ltd).

Warehouse Racking Systems

We have developed a number of warehouse racking design, parts listing and cost estimating systems for Link51 Storage Products.

Electrical Circuit Design and ATE Interfaces

We developed interfaces to link the electrical design system software and automatic test equipment used by Prodrive.

Process Plant Design

We developed a range of customised software for BOC Process Plants to use with AutoCAD. This software automated the design of a number of key components in their products. We also developed software purpose tailored to their particular parts listing and document management requirements and to interface with their materials requirements planning system.

We helped Babock Woodhall-Duckham to design and develop a system that extracted data from the CADCentre (now Aveva) Piping Data Management System (PDMS). This system automatically generated isometric piping drawings.

CAE System Selection and Implementation

We have advised many companies on the selection, specification and implementation of CAE systems. For example, British Aerospace, British Gas On Line Inspection, Burgess SAIA, Caradon Mira, TI Reynolds, Urenco and Williams Fairey Engineering. Many of these projects included developing customised software for company specific applications such as parts listing, drawing macros and systems integration. AutoCAD, Medusa, CADAM and Microsoft Visio are among the CAE systems for which we have developed customised software.

We have also published papers and organised seminars to advise engineering companies on the use of CAE technology.

Quality Assurance

We produced the Quadstar graphical quality assurance data management system for Engineering Data Management Ltd. This system was used by welding quality assurance and project engineers fabricating offshore oil production platforms. We developed a similar system for British Nuclear Fuels.

We have also produced systems to help analyse data from 3D inspection machines for such companies as Autocast, Crown Windley and Keeling Metrology. Click here for more details on these applications.

Product Specification Documents

We produced a system to generate engineering specification documents for complex food processing machines. These machines are custom built to individual customer requirements. Our software analyses process diagrams and, using rules and standard text stored in a database, automatically produces the specifications used for quotations. We worked with Root Solutions to produce this system for Satake UK Ltd.


We have developed a number of simulation programs for applications ranging from automatic lathe machine time estimating to dynamic behaviour of engine valve gear. We believe much greater use could be made of simulation techniques, especially now powerful computers are available at affordable prices.


Cables designed by programs we've developed for two customers that make very different types of cable.


A detail drawing and 3D view generated by two of our programs.


Output from one of our programs designed for a quality control application.