We organised and staffed CADCAM Clinics for The Daily Telegraph when they sponsored the CADCAM Exhibitions in 1991 and 1992.

In 1987 and 1988 we also organised and presented one day seminars at the CADCAM Exhibition. At the time these were Europe's largest exhibitions of CAE technology.

We also wrote around 10 information papers which The Daily Telegraph published for these exhibitions. The papers covered such topics as:

  • CADCAM Future Directions
  • Exchanging CADCAM Data
  • CADCAM Training
  • Customising CADCAM Systems
  • CADCAM, CIM, IT and databases
  • Electrical Wiring Applications
  • CADCAM Audits
  • CADCAM Cost Justification

Some of our CADCAM Clinic information papers


One of our CADCAM Clinic stands at the UK National Exhibition Centre.

Peter and Roger at one of the CADCAM Clinics.