Here are a few random comments on current CAE issues.

Profit through Better Design

CAE should be used for much more than just draughting or 3D modelling. Click here for some thoughts on how CAE can help produce better designs, which is much more likely to improve the profitability of engineering companies than simply saving a few hours in the design and production engineering departments.

Alternative Approach for 3D Modelling

Click here for some thoughts on an alternative which, for some applications, maybe a better approach than using a general purpose 3D modelling system.


The OpenHSF Initiative was an industry-wide effort, launched in February 2002, to establish a common, open format for sharing 3D data between disparate CAE systems. The Hoops Streaming File (HSF) was potentially a better file format than options such as IGES, VRML and STEP because:

  • At the outset key players like PTC, Dassault, SolidWorks and Autodesk signed up as supporters.
  • HSF files allow 3D models to be published on Internet web sites. Because HSF is a streaming file format you can pan and zoom around the 3D model even while the file is downloading.
  • HSF files can be structured so that individual components can be moved around within the receiving CAD system and can be associated with such attributes as part numbers, costs, etc.

Unfortunately, however, OpenHSF failed to gain widepread support and it now appears to have fallen by the wayside. Click here for a sample HSF file from one of our systems.

Roger Billsdon - Articles

One of our articles describing some benefits that can be gained by using CAE or CAD.


A 3D view of a wiring harness leg generated by our HarnVis software.