We helped Babcock Woodall-Duckham Ltd (, a major process plant contractor, to design and develop a system for piping fabrication drawings. Data extracted from Aveva/CADCentre's Piping Data Management System (PDMS) was used to generate structured drawings for the Prime Medusa CAD system. The user could then enhance these drawings using Medusa's general purpose facilities. We also provided a range of programs to help the user add and move dimensions, cross-reference component symbols to material take-off lists, and manipulate the isometric fabrication drawing geometry. The interface program also provided a method of manipulating Medusa 2-D symbols into any 3-D viewing orientation.

The system eliminated drawing transcription errors and generated substantial time savings. In a business environment where project timescales were often very tight and enforced by penalty clauses, these were important benefits.

Babcock Woodall-Duckham