Caradon Mira

Caradon Mira is a leading manufacturer of showers based in Cheltenham, UK. The reputation of Mira Showers has been built upon innovative design, quality engineering and rigorous attention to detail. The company is now owned by Kohler Co, a leading American manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen products.

We helped Caradon Mira select and plan for a new 3D CAD/CAM system that could co-exist with their existing 2D CAD system. Our contribution included short-listing suitable systems, obtaining and analysing quotations and designing a benchmark test which was used to make the final system selection.

Click here for further details from SDRC on the installation of their I-DEAS Master Series 3D CAD/CAM system at Caradon Mira.

Caradon Mira shower exploded view

Caradon Mira shower