A key factor underlying the success of our projects are the engineers and managers with whom we've had the pleasure of working.

There are too many individuals to mention by name, but we would sincerely like to thank them all for their help and support. Over the years we have been privileged to work with many extremely talented engineers and some have become very good friends.

Much of our work is confidential, but listed below are a few of our customers:

Airbus UK
AWE Burghfield
Babcock Woodall-Duckham
BICC Supertension Cables
BOC Process Plants
British Aerospace
British Gas On-Line Inspection
British Nuclear Fuels
Burgess SAIA
CAD Source/Tim Neill Associates
Cambridge Interactive Systems
Caradon Mira
Chubb Lock & Safe
Cosworth Engineering
Crown Windley
Daily Telegraph
Domino Amjet
Engineering Data Management
ESDU International
F International/Xansa
Ford Motor Company
Friedrich Grohe
GEC Alsthom
Keeling Metrology
James Blake & Associates
Link51 Storage Products
Lucas Rists/Leoni Wiring Systems
Matthews & Yates
National Engineering Laboratory
Nuclear & General Engineering
Opperman Master Gear
Pirelli Cables Ltd
Prime Computer (UK)
Racal Chubb Group
Reyrolle Protection Switchgear
RGC Offshore
Ricardo Consulting Engineers
ROF Blackburn
Root Solutions
SolidWorks Research UK
TI Reynolds
Trace Technologies/Fibre Trace
Tyco Electronic/TE Connectivity
Wickman Automatic Lathes
Wilkins & Mitchell

Electrical harness design software

CAD software to help electrical wiring harness design is now our main focus.

Our software helps component selection, parts listing, labour estimating, cable design, drawing production, 3D visualisation, wire routing, lay-up board design, signal to connector contact assignment, material selection and many other functions.

Cables designed by programs we've developed for two customers that make very different types of cable.