Together with three entrepreneurs who were active in the offshore industry we formed Engineering Data Management Ltd (EDM) in the early 1980s. We designed and developed the Quadstar graphical quality assurance data management system for EDM. This system was used by welding quality assurance and project engineers fabricating offshore oil production platforms. We also developed similar systems for British Nuclear Fuels.

Basic structural data was transferred into Quadstar from one or more views from the general arrangement drawings. In the early 1980's, most drawings in the offshore or nuclear industries were manually produced, so digitising was the commonly used method of entering drawing data into Quadstar. Each individual plate or section and each weld was identified. Quality assurance and project progress data was then entered into the system as inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) reports became available. Data specifying company fabrication standards for welding and testing procedures was also stored and incorporated into quality assurance information on welds and materials.

At any stage the Quadstar database could be queried to establish progress status, check repair rates and defects, etc. Reports were available in textual and graphical forms where coded representations of the general arrangement drawings were used to indicate project status.

Although Quadstar was very well received by the offshore and nuclear industries, it became clear that EDM's financial resources were insufficient to secure a significant market penetration. We, therefore, reluctantly had to withdraw from EDM.

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We have also produced a number of systems to help analyse data from 3D inspection machines. Click here for more details on these applications.