Trace Technologies

We provided advice to the entrepreneurs who founded Trace Technologies in 2002. The company purchased the intellectual property rights to the Fibre Optic Raytracing Program (FORP) from BAE Ventures. We produced system designs and project plans for Trace Technologies.

Unfortunately Trace Technologies wasn't able to secure funding for the development of the software until 2007 and at this time our resources were largely committed to other projects. Nevertheless we continued to have some involvement with Trace Technologies while they developed their Photonic Interconnect System Designer (PISD) software. Fibre Trace Ltd have now acquired PISD from Trace Technologies.

Trace Technologies

The above graph shows measured insertion losses compared with those calculated by PISD. Insertion loss refers to the fibre optic light loss resulting from aborption, misalignment or air gap between fibre optic components, typically connectors. Below are endpoint diagrams and a screen shot from PISD.

Trace Technologies Trace Technologies

Electrical harness design software

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