We are designing and developing the HarnConnect electrical interconnect design system for TE Connectivity/Tyco Electronics. A prototype version of this system has been on test with a major UK company for the past two years.

HarnConnect is an intuitive CAD system for defining and analysing interconnect designs.

Please refer to this topic for some notes on the electrical interconnect design process.

HarnConnect produces single line circuit diagrams and associated documents, reports and “starter” Visio documents for HarnWare. With HarnConnect, engineers are better able to optimise their electrical interconnect designs.

In addition to the design phase HarnConnect also has a number of potential uses later in a product's lifecycle. For example:

  • In-service fault finding.
  • Production of “as built” electrical systems documentation as required by motor sport regulatory bodies and others.
  • Helping installers, operators and maintenance engineers understand the interconnect design when assembling the system, tracing faults or during system upgrades.

HarnConnect is applicable to interconnect design work in a broad range of industries including defence, rail, aerospace, naval and motor sport. It will assist tasks not presently addressed by other CAD systems.


HarnConnect can help save significant amounts of design engineer’s time. Interconnect and harness designs can be produced in days rather than months. HarnWare and HarnVis have already proved this and there is clearly scope for further time savings to be achieved with HarnConnect.

HarnConnect provides opportunities for achieving more optimised interconnect designs by helping engineers achieve a quicker and better understanding of interconnect designs. It helps manage interconnect designs that are increasingly complex and where there are often growing demands for change.

HarnConnect is a modern CAD replacement for the simple drawing and spread sheet systems currently used for interconnect design. HarnConnect helps automate the actual design process rather than the simple low-level tasks of drawing lines and symbols. The engineer only needs to specify mating rules from which the system will automatically calculate wire routes, etc. thus helping eliminate much time consuming and tedious work.

Release Date

HarnConnect is due for release in 2014. Further information on the system functionality and other details will become available closer to the release date.




Two partial HarnConnect single line diagrams.