We design, develop and support all the HarnWare, HarnVis and HarnConnect software for TE Connectivity/Tyco Electronics (formerly Raychem).

HarnWare is an electrical wiring harness design system used by over 2,000 engineers in more than 500 companies in 42 countries around the world.

 HarnWare helps with many aspects of the design process including:

  • The HarnWare Design Wizard lists a sequence of steps for designing the required wiring harness. While the list suggests an order of operation, steps can be repeated or taken out of sequence. The design rules encoded into HarnWare have been developed from years of practical wiring harness design and manufacturing experience.
  • Part selection to ensure compatibility with mating parts and service conditions. The database includes over 100,000 TE products.
  • Calculation of wire routes and lengths.
  • Parts listing. Detailed parts lists or bills of materials (BoM) can be output to the design document pack or to files suitable for importing into other systems. Each line item in the parts list is automatically cross-referenced to the assembly drawing by item number balloons.
  • Assembly time estimates. Standard time synthetics are included for most common operations but the time allowances can be adjusted to suit individual circumstances.
  • Wire gauge, temperature rise and voltage drop calculations.
  • Automatically generating optimum lays for mixed diameter cables to ensure flexible and circular constructions.
  • Selecting cable markers, laying out marker text and generating manufacturing documentation and files for import into printer software such as TE Connectivity WinTotal.
  • "Virtual prototyping" 3D views can be automatically generated by HarnVis from HarnWare designs. To-scale views can help identify potential problems before production starts thus avoiding costly mistakes.
  • Listing of Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliance codes for all components used in a harness design.
  • Listing the manufacturing codes of practice (CoP) and the materials and equipment required to assemble the wiring harness.
  • Checking connector part numbers and generating planform drawings. ADE is currently developing a signal to connector contact assignment program for use with HarnWare.
  • Drawing wiring schematics and schedules. Data can also be exported to automatic test equipment (ATE).
  • Listing the differences between two versions of a harness design or between two similar designs.
  • Translating drawings into a variety of languages.
  • Drawing data can be imported and exported using a variety of formats including Autodesk Drawing Interchange Format (DXF) and Portable Network Graphics (PNG).
  • Harness weight estimates. The HarnWare database includes weights for more than 100,000 components.

We've proved, even to the most sceptical harness designer, that HarnWare can help produce better designs more quickly.

In an article entitled 'Wiring Harness Design - Can a Computer Help?' in the August 1998 edition of 'Computing & Control Engineering Journal' Ken Wallington (who was then TE's Harness Design Systems Manager) stated that HarnWare users had reported benefits in four key areas:

  1. Selection of preferred parts to ensure best delivery and price.
  2. More detailed and accurate designs and better quality documentation.
  3. Faster designs and quotations, in some cases up to 20 times faster.
  4. Increased confidence that each part is compatible with the intended service conditions and with the mating parts.

This wiring harness design article (Adobe Acrobat PDF file 282 Kbytes 5 pages) is reproduced with the kind permission of the Institution of Engineering and Technology www.theiet.org.

HarnWare V6 was released in November 2011. Click here for the HarnWare V6 brochure (a 2.7Mbyte Adobe Acrobat pdf file opens in a new window). Paul Newman of Tyco Electronics launched the new version with a one week seminar for lead HarnWare users from the six countries with the most users. Click here for a photograph of the seminar attendees hard at work (a 1.1Mbyte JPEG file opens in a new window).

For further details please refer to TE's www.harnware.com web site.

Click to view a 3D model from HarnVis

Click to view a 3D model from HarnVis

Click the above thumbnail images to view two sample 3D wiring harness models from HarnVis using the OpenHSF viewer, which is a free download. The viewer install file is 1.6Mbytes but the two sample OpenHSF files containing the 3D models are less than 50 Kbytes each. Therefore, while it may take a short time to view the first OpenHSF file, other files can then be downloaded and viewed in less time than many simple web pages.

Click to view a HarnWare design drawing package

Wiring harness designed with HarnWare Wiring harness and HarnWare design drawing

Wiring harnesses and design drawing generated by HarnWare.

HarnWare schematic drawing

A small wiring schematic generated by HarnWare.

HarnWare benefits

Some benefits to be derived from HarnWare.

Cable cross-sections

Three cross-sections of cables designed by HarnWare.

Aero engine wiring

A typical type of application for wiring harnesses designed using HarnWare.

HarnWare 2006 advert

An advert from 2006 for HarnWare.