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28th March 2007

Added an article written by Pete back in the late 1970's while he was working at the CAD Centre. Also added brief details of a project we undertook for Caradon Mira in the early 1990's.

6th December 2006

Added some articles and papers Roger has had published. Although these are all rather old, they contain some common sense advice which remains relevant today.

4th October 2006

Added notes regarding David's retirement and a change to registered office address.

4th May 2006

Added a Tyco Electronics' HarnWare advert.

27th April 2006

Added resources for Roger's "Developing Visio Solutions" talk he presented to the Visual Basic Users Group on 24th April 2006.

23rd August 2005

Updated the Technologies and Raychem pages.

6th July 2005

Added a new photograph for 'Roger'. The subject might not be wonderful and the photographic technique leaves a little to be desired, but at least it's better than the previous photograph. Apart from removing a little red-eye, we resisted the temptation to make any other enhancements with PaintShop Pro!

12th May 2005

Updated our logo and added a note about screen capture and recording systems in the Technologies page.

25th April 2005

Updated our sample OpenHSF files to suit version 12 of the OpenHSF viewer. Now the OpenHSF control no longer recognises relative path names!

6th August 2004

Updated our sample OpenHSF files to suit version 11 of the OpenHSF viewer. Unfortunately it seems that backwards file compatibility is often not maintained in updates to the OpenHSF Viewer.

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Labour estimate

A labour estimate generated by HarnWare.

Marker design

Designing a cable marker using HarnWare.

Part selection

Selecting the best part for the mating components and service conditions using HarnWare.