LogicNP Crypto Obfuscator

Security is important both to us and to our customers. This is one reason why we use LogicNP Software Crypto Obfuscator for .Net

However, another important benefit are the facilities Crypto Obfuscator provides to help diagnose software and user problems. Systems we develop and support such as HarnWare are used in many countries working in different time zones. Collecting diagnostic information using methods that require minimum effort from our customers helps us to provide the quality and speed of response expected of us.

Crypto Obfuscator enables us to collect full stack trace information, values of method arguments, local variables, key system information, time of the exception and relevant application data. This information is saved in a secure format to a file which customers email to us. Having all this information helps us diagnose problems more quickly and we generally do not need to trouble our customers asking for additional information.

In many cases we find problems are associated with certain specific combinations of operating system, locale and versions of software. There are a huge number of the potential permutations of these and it would be impossible to fully test them all. Maintaining a store of the error files generated by Crypto Obfuscator has proved extremely helpful in identifying troublesome combinations.

HarnWare and HarnVis

Electrical harness design software

CAD software to help electrical wiring harness design is now our main focus.

Our software helps component selection, parts listing, labour estimating, cable design, drawing production, 3D visualisation, lay-up board design and many other functions.